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Counseling for
Tweens & Teens

Life is hard, groups can help.

Counseling Groups for
Tween & Teens

Reinvent Counseling is a group counseling program supporting teens and tweens experiencing hardship with social interactions, anxiety, stress, or meeting friends. 

During our groups, your child will engage with others in a safe and positive skill-building practice.

Our Counseling Groups are:

  • For kids ages 9-19

  • A way for kids to reconnect with each other and socialize. 

  • Interactive with a focus on coping skills for life.

  • Small, safe, and confidential groups with 3-6 members.

  • Strategy-based and solution focused curriculum

  • Inclusive, open and safe spaces for evidence-based healing.

Upon completion of this closed and confidential group, your child will have a toolbox of coping skills and a connection with peers.
Our Groups

"My son has shown such great results from Reinvent when nothing else helped. This place is great."


Our counselors are Ecotherapists!

During the pandemic, research showed an increase in people seeking nature for relief and solace. Ecotherapy is not new, but research continually shows how nature immersion is an innovative way to approach mental health challenges including, but not limited to anxiety, stress, depression, ADHD, and sensory integration difficulties. 

Being in nature has consistently shown positive benefits for overall physical and mental health. 

We add nature-based strategies into our curriculum to bring the outdoors inside (when we can’t be outdoors)


Interactive counseling groups for teens to develop coping skills for life.

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