Life is Hard.

(Groups can help.)


Counseling Groups for
Teens & Tweens.

Life is hard and kids need extra support.

Reinvent Counseling is a group workshop program serving teens and tweens struggling with social interactions, anxiety, stress, or meeting friends. After completing a brief consultation about your child’s needs, they will be invited to join one of our group cohorts.  

During a group workshop, your child will engage with others in a safe and positive skill-building practice.

Reinvent Groups are:
  • For kids ages 9-19

  • A way for kids to reconnect with each other and socialize. 

  • Interactive with a focus on coping skills for life.

  • Small, safe, and confidential groups with 3-6 members.

  • Strategy-based and solution focused curriculum

  • Inclusive, open and safe spaces for evidence-based healing.

Upon completion of this closed and confidential group, your child will have a toolbox of coping skills and a connection with peers.

Interactive workshops for teens to develop coping skills for life.
Groups make individuals stronger.

We understand that counseling is not “one-size-fits-all”, but group counseling has proven success. 

Joining a group workshop at Reinvent Counseling will help children and teens become socialized, confident, and empowered. When group members share similar experiences, they create bonds. They learn about themselves through communication and self-disclosure.

Reinvent Counseling helps nurture feelings of independence and social acceptance through group interaction.

Our Philosophy.

Reinvent Counseling was created by a school counselor, behavior therapist using ABA, Third Wave CBT (Mindfulness, DBT, goal setting), and Horticultural Therapy techniques to teach stress relief strategies. Getting through adolescence is easier with a group of peers that are also facing the same changes and challenges.


Teens need each other to learn about the world, especially now, after the pandemic.  Engaging with peers in the setting of group counseling is particularly beneficial as we re-emerge from the pandemic and discover who we are now.

Teenagers in Nature
Planting seeds.

Studies show that being in nature has proven success in calming and soothing anxiety and stress. Our group workshops use nature as part of our healing tool box.

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Reinvent Counseling Services

Group of Friends
No screens, no technology.
Just real-life synergy.

Meet Our Team

Reinvent counselors believe that by creating family structures and meaningful routines, we offer our children and teenagers a reliable and safe place to reconnect and regulate emotions. By taking a holistic view of a child or teen and their family, we are better able to fully meet needs and create stronger relationships.