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Parent Reviews

Reinvent counselors take a holistic view of a child or teen and their family, we are better able to fully meet needs and create stronger relationships. Read what some of our parents and caretakers are saying about our program.

- Ayesha

My daughter has obtained exactly what we hoped for her by attending Reinvent Counseling. She now has an arsenal of tools that she can fall back on while navigating her last year of middle school and her freshman year of high school next September. The children gain valuable friendships and relationships outside of family and school dynamic. Kelly is knowledgeable and kind. I definitely recommend this program!

- Jenn

My 14 year old daughter did a group session as well as weekly individual sessions with Kelly. Kelly has an excellent way of connecting with teenagers and has helped her work through the craziness of being a teenager during COVID. I am very grateful that my family found Kelly as a resource for us! Her place is warm and inviting and smells amazing. They are very COVID safe too!

- Christine

Finding Kelly and Reinvent has been a God send! Kelly has helped my daughter is so many ways. My daughter is finding her confidence and she is learning how to cope with life’s curveballs with ease and grace. Kelly’s approach is with kindness and love. She is one in a million. I trust her judgement and feel I have found a friend. I love that she is a part of my village with my daughter.


Counseling groups with a focus on coping skills for life.

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