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Reinvent Counseling

About Reinvent Groups

Life is hard and kids need extra support.

Reinvent Counseling is a group workshop program serving teens and tweens struggling with social interactions, anxiety, stress, or meeting friends. After completing a brief consultation about your child’s needs, they will be invited to join one of our group cohorts.  

During a group workshop, your child will engage with others in a safe and positive skill-building practice.


About Our Founder

Kelly Marie Coutts, MS, BSC, has worn many therapeutic hats for the past decade while working with children and teens. She is a licensed and certified Elementary and High School Counselor, a licensed Behavior Therapist, and occasionally a summer camp counselor. Kelly has worked at elementary and high schools across the counties of Montgomery and Philadelphia. She is also the mother of her own teen and tween.


Kelly has experience working with children and adolescents that have a range of diagnoses and needs. She has led anxiety groups, written guidance curriculums, taught mindfulness, coached about college, written IEPs, 504s, behavior plans, and taught journaling workshops all in the name of serving and helping kids and teens. 


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“Running groups for teens seems the most natural and logical progression for all of this teen counseling experience and knowledge I embody. Texting, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok, YouTube, and now virtual learning. Teens and ‘tweens are constantly notified by their technology to look, respond, and emote all day. I feel a sense of purpose to teach young people how to cope with today’s stressors. ” Kelly